Lee Felsenstein

Lee Felsenstein

Hardware engineer

April 27, 1945

Inducted in the Class of 1998

Notable accomplishments:

  • Moderator of the Homebrew Computer Club 1975-1986
  • Designed the Pennywhistle modem (1973)
  • Co-designed (with Bob Marsh) the Sol-20 personal computer (1976)
  • Designed the Osborne I, the first portable computer (1981)

If work is to become play, then tools must become toys.” (As remembered on his own website, attributed to 1975)

“Engineering is mostly about how far off the ideal you can stray and still be safe.” (Newsletter of the Computer History Association of California, November 1995)

“Silicon Valley is a state of mind in a generalized physical area.” (As quoted in “Valley of Genius: The Uncensored History of Silicon Valley” by Adam Fisher)

Suggested reading:
“Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution,” by Steven Levy (1984)

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